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Chemicals can Cripple

Guide Notes

Notes on 1995 Revision
This revision contains hand written notes and the extra pages inserted as text by Marjorie Gordon before her untimely death following a car crash in February, 1996. These revisions were never formally produced, but are inserted here just as she had been doing. Although more evidence is now available to justify a further revision, this was not felt to be justified as most countries now have their own occupational health standards for darkrooms.  Although this is now a historical document, the substance of the recommendations remains valid.  We make these Guidance Notes available to mark the contribution made by Marjorie Gordon to the health of radiographers. Her efforts raised awareness of  the effects of radiographic chemicals, and of the need for safe working conditions for which she was awarded the Queen’s Service Medal (QSM), the Silver Medal of the British College and Society of Radiographers, and made an Hon. Fellow of the NZIMRT.

Phillippa Martin (nee Gordon)
Graham Willson (Editor)    

Guidance Notes

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